Manipulative Techniques


Diversified/Drop Table

Diversified Adjusting; For Back Pain, Neck Pain, Hip Pain and so much more. We feature Lloyd Adjusting Tables for your comfort. 


Flexion Distraction - Spinal Decompression

Disc Injuries, Arthritis and Stenosis respond great with Flexion Distraction and Spinal Decompression. 



Often utilized in tender areas, or for patients with conditions that rule out traditional adjusting methods. 

Additional Treatments Offered

Electric Muscle Stim


Calming muscle stimulation relaxes spams and calms the joints to help promote normal range of motion and decrease pain. Definitely a nice way to unwind after a long day. 

Low Level Laser Therapy


Harness the healing power of light with cold laser. Rejuvenate tissues from the skin, muscles and tendons, to bones, joints and ligaments. Cutting edge NASA science. Heal tissues 100-200x faster. The future is bright @ Algiere Chiropractic   

Therapeutic Ultrasound


Great for calming inflammation and promoting strong micro-circulation. Stronger blood flow increased oxygen content and encourages quicker healing. 

Soft Tissue Mobilization


Pressure release, ischemic compression, PIR/PFS stretching, Pin and Stretch as well as Active Release Techniques (ART) are utilized @ Algiere Chiropractic to elongate tissues, normalized tone, and decrease pain. Our patients truly enjoy when this treatment is implemented. 

Fascial Manipulation


Using specialized instruments, we release decades of fibrotic scarred tissue that is limiting the full motion of the joints and muscles. Great for treating habitual trigger points or muscle spasms, headaches, and lost motion. Known for improving athletic performance or decreasing chronic pain.  

Cupping Therapy


Popularly trending therapy to deal with chronic muscle tightness and sore muscles.