Patient Testimonials

Allison L.

 "After having an unexpected ski accident Dr.Algiere saw me the next day ASAP to help release my neck muscles from whiplash. His gentle approach and education as to why I couldn't move my neck made me feel comforted. After a week of therapy I was back to normal! I highly recommend Dr. Algiere to all of my patients for his trusted hands and skills!"  

Ken B.

 "Found Dr. Ben on a Google search. Absolutely glad I found his office/him. He not only educated me to the level I can understand but also helped reliveate the pain in my neck and upper back. Professional, personal approach. I highly recommend to anyone and everyone. This man works miracles... I'm located in Northern Rhode Island and he's more Southern Rhode Island... the drive isn't that bad and totally worth it... On my way home from my first visit, I was sooooo relaxed and free on pain I wanted to pull over on the side of the highway and take a nap. If you have never been to a chiropractor before, make sure his office is the first place you try! You'll be highly satisfied. "-KB 

Sina M.

 "Loved the inviting atmosphere that Dr. Algiere  has created in his office. It was very easy to get to and lots of parking available. Dr. Algiere was very knowledgeable and professional when it came to my trouble areas and how to approach them." 

Andy C.

 "The best experience I've ever had! Dr. Algiere is very professional and very thorough in his treatment. The electric stimulation and hot blanket is super relaxing. You will feel better after being treated I guarantee it." 

Vera H.

 "I had years of pain following surgery and PT.  Dr. Ben figured out the source and I feel better than I have for ages". 

Dale S.

 For several years I have floundered, looking for the right Chiropractor. My daughter in law recommended Dr. Ben and I am so glad she did! Dr. Ben is very articulate and has pin point precision. I had rotator cuff issues for years and was at the brink of seeking a surgeon. Since Dr. Ben started treating me, I no longer perseverate  over needing surgery and I walk out of there feeling like a million bucks! If you are an athlete, you will be highly satisfied with Dr. Ben's expertise. 

Nell C.

 "Four months ago I couldn't walk. At 42, mother of four, incredibly active and a landscaper by trade, I suffered from excruciating SI pain that completely disabled me. As a first time chiropractic patient and after months of over medicating simply to function, I called Dr Algiere. With his treatments, education and guidance to improve my posture, my quality of life has improved and I'm back to work and at the ball field again. Thank you Dr Algiere!!! "

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Judy M.

 "Dr. Algiere really cares about his patients and how they are feeling. He is a very good chiropractor I always feel so much better after my spinal manipulation. Dr. Algiere is top notch in my book! "

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